What people are saying about the 2015 ISHGD

"I had fun. Great job on the conference!"

- David McDonald, Hanson Inc., U.S.A.

"Congratulations on a marvelously successful Symposium. Your hard work was well recognized by all. It looked like half your staff participated from registration to tech support and everything in between."

- Joel Leisch, Transportation Consultant, U.S.A.

"I would like to thank you and your whole staff again, both personally and as a representative of the steering committee, for everything you did in making the 5th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design a success. I heard nothing but positive comments from everyone that I talked with."

- Doug Harwood, ISHGD Steering Committee Chair, MRIGlobal, U.S.A.

"It was a wonderful overall experience for me to be at Symposium. Gained knowledge besides making a few new friends from different countries... I want to convey my special thanks to your entire team for pulling off a commendable show, well organised workshops, paper sessions and poster sessions. The cultural night was cherry on top! Wow! I will cherish it for a long time." 

- Rajesh Gajjar, GMD Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd, India

"I wanted to congratulate you and your team on a job well done. As you all no doubt found out, this was a tremendous undertaking, but in the end I hope you were all able to revel in the satisfaction of pulling this off so efficiently and effectively.  Particularly impressive was the marketing job that succeeded in bringing together a veritable who’s who in geometric design research and practice. From a networking perspective alone, it was arguably one of the best conferences that I ever attended.  Please feel free to pass on my email to your Transoft team."

– Bhagwant Persaud, Ryerson University, Canada

"Thanks to you and all your staff for being such a great host in “God’s Country”. You all “hit a home run”. It was very enjoyable and a great networking/learning experience."

- Jim Brewer, Kansas D.O.T, U.S.A.

"Thank you for a splendid job done coordinating and supporting the 5th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design." 

– Owen Arndt, Dept. of Transport and Main Roads, Australia

"Congratulations for planning and executing the conference that is the Olympics of Geometric Design.  Every aspect was well done which showed the careful planning and hard work. As a session chairman the instructions provided were the best I have ever seen at a conference, since I started going to conferences in 1966.  I was glad to be a part of ISHGD 2015." 

– John Morrall, Canadian Highways Institute Ltd, Canada

"Thank you so much, Milton. I appreciate your welcoming hearts and hard work for the ISHGD 2015."

– H. Joon Park, NYCDOT, U.S.A.

"Have to say many thanks to you and Val (and the Transoft crew) for your superb hospitality and great company during the Symposium, we certainly had a great time in Canada. Wishing you the best for your post Symposium 'recovery'!"

– Richard Fanning, VicRoads, Australia

"The conference was a huge success!"

– Xiaoduan Sun, University of Louisiana, U.S.A.

"Great job hosting the symposium – I thought the venue was excellent, and Vancouver was a great host city!" 

– Eric Donnell, Penn State University, U.S.A.

"I can understand that you are still buzzing and floating – you were an awesome host!" 

– Kay Fitzpatrick, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, U.S.A

"I believe the conference was very good overall and has led to both good information sharing and the creation or re-establishment of contacts.  In this light, your efforts were well invested and very commendable."

– Patrick Hasson, FHWA, U.S.A

"Thank you again Milton for the perfect organization." 

- Damiano Cafisco, University of Catania, Italy

"The symposium was excellent and all the hard work was paid. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of moderating two sessions. It was a great first experience."  

– Ana & Carlos, University of Valencia, Spain

"Thank you for organizing such a great conference, I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

– Amanda Pellam, BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Canada

"Thank you Transoft Solutions' family! All were excellent!"

– Alejandra Debora Fissore, Ingeniera Civil, Argentina

“I found the Symposium venue and its location in particular outstanding. It was a great selection.The organization of the symposium was perfect”

- Kirakos Amiridis, National Technical University of Athens

“It was such a great experience: excellent technical presentations at each session, great professionals from various countries, and dedicated staff, especially from Transoft Solutions for the symposium, well organized program and wonderful environmental.”

- H. Joon Park, New York City Dept. of Transportation

“Professionally run, excellent coverage of country activities and priorities, friendly atmosphere, appropriate balance of formality and informality, great place to meet (hotel and city), excellent social content. Overall, very successful event.”

- Bruce Corben, Corben Consulting

“As a first time participant in a technical conference, I enjoyed the conference. The Poster Sessions were great since they allowed you to browse and then focus in on what you wanted too.”

- Anonymous

“Overall it was a very fruitful event. As usual the blend of papers and posters was on average technically very interesting. Choosing the technical tour was quite difficult as two options were equally interesting; in the end I selected T2, and the visit was very positive. Both the scenery and the technical achievement deserve the visit. I would like to add a comment on the opening session: the idea of combining in this session the technical details of the host country report with the motivational presentation (and the way this was performed) was brilliant. I also got the impression that it reflects the personality of the chairperson.”

- João Cardoso, Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil

 “The Flags of the country on the name tag have been a excellent idea. The reception at the pool was perfect to get in touch with other people (the flag on the name tag helped also). It was a good idea to have the reception at the first night and the dinner at the second."

- Anonymous

 “This year's symposium carried on the tradition of excellent organization, technical content, social events and host city. I can't emphasize enough how well organized it was and how important that is to exhibitors, presenters, moderators and, in general, attendees. I did like the idea of the prepaid VISA card for lunches outside the venue.”

- James, Rosenow, Minnesota Department of Transportation

 “This was my first symposium. I found it very interesting to talk to colleagues from around the world of their issues, concerns and problems they are faced with in their day-to-day work. I think everyone involved did an excellent job putting this symposium together.”

- Brian Sorensen, New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure

“With experience gathering the international symposia on geometric design become gradually better. The Vancouver symposium was the best of all by now. This is supported by the number and quality of presentations and workshops and the number of participants. Especially useful is the part of presentation of country reports that reflect international outcomes in geometric design worldwide.”

- Basil Psarianos, National Technical University of Athens

“The bike tour of Vancouver I attended was awesome and very educational.”

- Anonymous

“It was well planned and timely information was presented. It was well attended by experts in the field of geometric design and covered a range of contemporary challenges/opportunities. My only concern was that I couldn't attend sessions of interest held at the same time which meant we had a good program.”

- James Brewer, Kansas Department of Transportation

“The 5th ISHGD was fun and I had the opportunity to meet up with many other professionals during the week. I like the Country reports in particular which I learnt a lot about different practices and Design Guides.”

- Anonymous

“I was pleased to meet many international experts, particularly ones from European countries.”

- Jaisung Choi, The University of Seoul

“Great opportunity to hear about the challenges faced in other jurisdictions and the use of various assessment criteria and what was implemented (what works and what needs to be further evaluated)”

- Jessie Bains, BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure

“Everything was of such a high quality: Papers, posters, workshops, technical tours, venue. Furthermore, everything came together so well and helped promote an even higher level of networking than I have experienced over many top conferences over my career.”

- Ricky Cox, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

“The focus on the theme was very good and the selected concentrated on what matters. There was no evidence of a scatter gun approach to topics. It is terrible attending a conference and finding that only 5 % of papers are applicable. This was not the case. Even those papers that I thought were not really of interest to me, actually turned out to be very interesting. Well done to the paper selection committee.”

- Keith Weale, MWH Global