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As part of Highway 99, the Sea-to-Sky Highway winds its way through the spectacular Coast Mountains, linking communities from West Vancouver to Whistler. The Ministry of Transportation decided to make improvements to the Sea-to-Sky Highway, which is a 95-kilometre long section of Highway 99 from West Vancouver to Whistler. Set in a mountain landscape, the highway presents complex engineering, traffic management and construction challenges.

Map of the Sea-to-sky tour

British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation initiated the Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project to increase this road’s safety, reliability and capacity. These improvements include highway widening and straightening, and other measures designed to reduce hazards, shorten travel times, and increase capacity of the highway. In addition to meeting the area’s future traffic needs, the upgrades also enhance economic development opportunities in communities along the highway and in the province as a whole.

Some of the many benefits the Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project provides include:

  • A straighter highway and improved sightlines, creating more consistent driving speeds and shorter travel times
  • 80 kilometres of new passing lanes between Horseshoe Bay and Whistler
  • Highly reflective pavement markings along the entire route, making the Sea‑to‑Sky Highway easier to navigate, particularly during times of poor visibility
  • Shoulder and centreline rumble strips and additional median barriers
  • Safer, more effective intersections
  • Wider shoulders for improved safety and accommodation for cyclists and disabled vehicles
  • Better pullouts and opportunities for police enforcement along the highway
  • Stronger bridges to withstand potential damage from debris when water levels are high
  • Enhanced monitoring of road conditions by electronic weather stations to improve highway maintenance response during winter weather
  • 6,000 new jobs throughout the province as a result of economic activity generated along the corridor

Project challenges included difficult and costly mountainous terrain construction, traffic accommodation during construction, safety enhancements, curvature improvements and community involvements.

  For more information on the Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project, visit the Partnerships BC website.



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