ISHGD Presentation PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint presentations from the 5th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design (ISHGD) are now available. Access insights and research from global industry thought leaders on a wide range of topics relating to transportation design. A full list of PowerPoint titles can be found below. 

Delegates can access the presentations by clicking here. Please use the password given to you. 

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Session 1 PPT

Country Report 2015, Denmark
Temporary Signing of Road Works Under Traffic
Traffic Characteristics, Capacity and Conflicts of One-Way Closed Work Zone on Freeway
Evaluation of Lane Operation Restriction Design At Work Zone along the Staten Island Expressway
Australia Country Report
Road Safety Audit Light” for Setting up School Route Maps
Cyclist Safety: An Overview of Germany´s Design Guidelines, Research and Accident Statistics
Accident Prediction Models for Hungarian two-lane Rural Main Roads Using Geometry Data
Modeling Diverging Diamond Interchange Under Constraints of Ramp Metering, HOV Lane & BRT Transit
An Evaluation of the Maximum Uphill and Downhill Grades for Low Clearance Vehicles
Levels of Service of 2+1 Roads Based on Operational Measures of Effectiveness
Poland Country Report
Influence of Night-time Lighting Restrictions on Road Design
Comfort-Based Sidewalk Width Design
Effects of Road Slope and Vehicle's Weight on Truck´s Fuel Consumption
Methodology for the Numerical Calculation of Racing Lines
Geometric Design for Rural Bridge Replacements at Historic Ferry Crossings
Road Safety Evaluation Based on 3-D Geometric Alignments
Modeling Crash Probability in Large Traffic Simulators

Session 2 PPT

Argentina Country Report
Integrating Encroachment Angles from Google Street View in a Roadside Safety Assessment Framework
Mexico Country Report
Three-Dimensional Stopping Sight Distance Control on Left-Turn Curves of Freeways
FHWA Alternative Intersection Informational Guides
A Comparative Study on Turbo-Roundabout and Spiral Roundabouts
Development of a Conceptual Model of Curve Driving for Isolated Rural 2 Lane Curves Using SHRP 2 NDS
Designing of 2+1 Road Bypasses of Towns
Creating a Safe System Compliant State Highway Network
Verification of the Existing Model for Passing Sight Distance on Single 2 Lane Rural Carriageways
Roadway Safety Evaluation: Methodology and Tools in China
Safety Effects of Height of Central Islands, Sight Distances, Markings and Signage at Roundabouts
Development of Warrants for Unsignalized Intersection Turn Treatments
Netherlands Country Report
Calculation of Water Film Paths as Geodesic Curves on a 3D Surface to address Hydroplaning Phenomena
Implementation of Human Factors in Road Design

Session 4 PPT

India Country Report
Designing Interchanges for all Users in the Urban/Suburban Context
British Columbia Highways: An Overview of Historical and Current Design Challenges
Ramps in Interchanges, Relations Between Geometric Design, Crash Rates and Driving Speeds
Ireland Country Report
Performance-Based Analysis of Geometric Design of Highways and Streets
Israel Country Report
Performance-Based Superelevation Transition Design
Integrated Evaluation of Rural Road Networks
Roadway Geometric Design in Two Countries: Similarities and Differences
Use of Side Friction in Horizontal Curve Design: A Margin of Safety Assessment
Stopping-Sight-Distance Simulation Using a new Probabilistic Approach
Colombia Country Report
Safety in the Geometric Design of Highways
Bridging the Gap, Overcoming Challenges in Highway Safety Manual Implementation
Investigating the Influence on Safety and Traffic Performance of 2+1 Road Sections in Poland
Safety Considerations for Cross-Sectional Design of 80km/h Rural Roads in the Netherlands
Effects of Road Geometry on Interaction Between Cyclists and Vehicles on two-lane Rural Highways
Practical Design Implementation Challenges and Barriers
Effects of Hard Shoulder Lanes Configuration on Driver’s Behaviour

Session 5 PPT

New Zealand Country Report
Development of Intelligent Design Platform for International Roadway Projects
Performance Evaluation of "2+1" Lane Highway in Hokkaido, Japan
Transforming Design Policy: A Path to Practical Design Reform
Hungary Country Report
Effect of Shoulder Width and Drop-off on Vehicle Rollover and Shoulder Crossover
Effects of Cross-Slope Break on Roadway Departure Recovery of Trucks on Horizontal Curves
Challenges Associated with Transferring Proven Countermeasures to Low and Middle Income Countries
China Country Report
A New Step in Sustainable Safety in the Netherlands
Designing for Consistency: Matching Applications to Scenarios in the use of Signing
Geometric Design of Hill Roads to Minimize Natural Disaster Damages
Past-Present-Future of the Trans-Canada Highway in BC From Kamloops to the Alberta Border
Design of Connector Roads in Four-way Interchanges Regarding Driving Behavior and Road Safety
Hybrid Interchange Designs: Evolving Something New from Something Old
I-287 at Westchester Ave Interchange 8 Reconstruction
Application of System Reliability Analysis in Geometric Design
New Guidelines for the Geometric Design of Rural Roads in Germany
South Africa Country Report

Session 6 PPT

Effects of Transition Curves on Sight Distances
Sweden Country Report
On the Transferability of Crash Modification Factors for Highway Geometric Design Elements
Analyzing the Influence of Coinciding Horizontal Curves & Vertical Sag Curves on Side Friction Factor
Design Considerations of Modern Roundabouts
Cross Section Requirements of Current Vehicle Combinations in Mexico
Operational & Environmental Comparisons between Left-turn Bypass, Diverging Flow & Displacement
Development of a new Time-gap Based Intersection Sight Distance Model for Heavy Vehicles
Analysis of Roadside Crashes & Mitigation Measures to Highways in Mountainous Terrain in China
Characterization of Passing Zones Based on Curvature Change Rate: Operational Impact
Road Safety Audit Management
Roadway Geometric Design and Safety: Chinese Experience
Roundabout Design Optimization for Safety and Operations
United States of America Country Report
All-Round Methodology for Upgrading Existing Rural Roads... Using Virtual Driving Simulation
The Research of Location for Emergency Parking Strip of Mountain Area Expressway Tunnel
Ghana Country Report
Innovative Designs for Mid-Countryside Junctions
Analyzing and Improving the Applicability of IHSDM Crash Prediction Model for Freeways in China